Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transport #20: Bonnie

When a transport for an Aussie came up earlier this week, I jumped on it right away. I won't make any bones about it. I love herding breeds. Border collies, Aussies, even Pulik. Love them all. So it was an easy decision to make. Not that I ever give any real preference to which breeds I help. I don't really care for flat-faced smooshed dogs like pugs, but I was all too happy to help a few when I had a chance some months ago. But I do love my herders!

The transport was a bit of a mess with trying to figure out who, what, when and where. But we managed to get it all together (miraculously!) and I set off to meet up with them at 1:00pm. The previous people had already arrived so getting Bonnie into the car was quick and easy. I was surprised at how small she was. She probably weighed no more than 30 lbs. I'd guess she might have been more of a miniature Aussie than a full sized one.

She was incredibly easy to transport. She fell asleep in the back and partway through the trip I decided it would be a lot of fun to have her up front. I stopped at a parking area and got her up front quickly and easily. She spent the next 20 minutes curling up half on my lap and half in her seat and then finally settling down in the back once more.

Bonnie is a absolute love. We had a lot of time to get to know each other at the transfer point. We were way ahead and the people after us were quite a bit behind. So Bonnie and I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour just chilling out at the stop in Herkimer.

We met some nice people who were really interested in what I do for these dogs. I got to tell them all about it and they all got to meet Bonnie (who was as good an amabassador for rescue dogs as could be imagined). One of the guys told me they have a puggle, which immediately made me tense up, but then he went on to tell me they got it at the local SPCA (yay!). Another one of the group donates to the Humane Society every month. Another had a cat they had rescued, found as a stray. And yet another told me she would pray for me and Bonnie. Just really nice folks. I enjoyed talking to them all.

Whenever I sat on the ground, Bonnie would immediately crawl into my lap, roll over, and smother me with kisses, and when others came near, she went in between my legs and stayed there for much of the time. When they'd reach out a hand, she'd come out and accept pettings. She really was an incredible dog and so beautiful. She was going off to a new family, so they were very lucky!

The next folks finally arrived and I got Bonnie off with them quickly enough. They had a girl with them who was probably 10 or 12 or so. She asked if Bonnie liked kids and Bonnie responded by jumping up and putting her feet on her. Very gently. I think she likes kids!

I was sad to see her go, but aren't I always?

I took a bunch of pictures. They can all be found here. Here are a few of my favourites:





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