Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some dog rescue resources

I thought I would share a few resources on dog rescue for anyone interested in helping out with transporting or for anyone interested in rescuing a dog him/herself.

I find out what sort of transports are going on, where they're going through, and contact people to help out through two sites:

Acme Pet Transport
This link will take you directly to the "transport needed" section of the message board. Each transport will list the states it will be going through in the subject header. Within the body of the message, you will find the legs of the trip (each will include location, date, time, and how many miles it is). Generally legs fall between 50-75 miles. You contact the person listed with your information and this will hook you up with the transport! Warning: It's addictive once you start!

Canine Rescue (Yahoo group)
This is a mailing list that includes not just transports, but dogs that desperately need to be pulled out of shelters. It's a resource for rescue associations, transporters, and kill shelters looking to move animals out to rescues. It is a very active group and at times can be heartbreaking to read. I have it filtered so I can easily sort through what comes in.

If you are interested in rescuing a dog to make your own pet, I know of two great sites to help you out.
This is really the site for finding a new pet. Here you can find pets of all types located in all places in the USA. You can search by area and breed. You can make sure your potential new friends is good with cats or young children, if those are important to your situation. You can search for animals with special needs, if you want to adopt a truly needy animal. Also included on the site is information on what to do before you plan on adopting a pet and a place to list and look for lost animals.

Rescue Info Center
This is a part of the larger site. If you've always wanted a particular breed of dog, this place is for you! There are listings of rescue associations for every type and breed imaginable (cats, dogs, small animals, and farm animals included). If you're not sure if the breed you're interested in is really right for you, you can head over to the main site ( and read up on the breed and see pictures. The entire site is a great resource.

The other place to look is at your local shelter. There are so many unwanted animals in the USA. Please do not adopt a puppy from a pet store! Do not support puppy mills! There are many wonderful dogs and puppies languishing in your local shelters. Give them a home. You and he/she will be happier for it.

Where are they now?

I'm set up to do another transport this weekend -- two Brittany spaniels. But I thought, in the mean time, I would update anyone who reads this on where the dogs I've helped so far are.

Transport 1
Molly, the old arthritic lab, met the woman who was hoping to adopt her the same night of the transport. The woman was thrilled with her and Molly went to her home that very night. A very happy ending for an old girl.

I think I have the final word on one of the beagle pups. It seems that one of them was adopted into a family with two kids and a 90lb doggie brother and was renamed Trixie. The other is unknown at this point, but as she is not up on the site as needing to be adopted, I'm guessing she went to a home. She's not on the "happy tails" list either which leaves me to assume she was quickly adopted, too quickly to be listed on

Transport 2
Buddy...despite the wonderfulness of all the other dogs, Buddy still remains my favourite and still remains the one dog I wish I could have brought home with me (so far!).

Buddy was slated to meet a family who was interested in him the day of the transport. He met them, a family with two teenage boys, and they were thrilled with him. He went home with them that day! That family really has no idea how lucky they are.

Transport 3
Like Buddy, Marvin was meeting up with a potential new family. Well, the family (a mother and a young boy) just adored him. They renamed him Patches (which fits!) and he went home with them to his new life.

Bernie was put up on the petfinder website and his post was taken down almost as quickly as it went home. The note on the "happy tails" section says he went home with a wonderful family. Another lucky family. Bernie was 85 pounds of lapdog (and no doubt even more than that by now!).

I'm unsure of what happened to Buttons at this point. Hopefully we'll hear about him sometime in the near future!

Transport 4
Bea was going to a new home, rather than a rescue. Her new mom wrote the day of the transport to say she was home, excited, and happy to be spending time with her big brother (another beagle). Bea was an absolute sweetheart and it sounds like she's got a wonderful new home to call her own!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Transport #4: Bea

This was probably the craziest transport I've done. Not because of the dog -- the passenger was just one sweet little beagle. But because of everything else.

First, I headed out the door at 8:30am with the intention of getting on the road by about 9am. I needed to brush off my car (it snowed last night) and I needed to pick it up a little bit. All of that was accomplished easy enough and after getting gas, I managed to get on the Thruway around 8:50am. Wonderful, right?

Well, right before exit 45 (I needed to get to exit 46), I suddenly thought "wait a second...shouldn't it be more like 10:50, instead of 9:50???" And then I realized I'd left an hour early. I stopped at the travel plaza and called the transport coordinator to confirm. Yep...sure enough...I'd left an hour early. D'oh! No biggie really though. I got a muffin and coffee at Tim Horton's (and could only think "there is no food in Canada!" -- long story there), bought a paper, and sat down to read for a little bit.

About 20 minutes later I looked up and out the window. It was snowing. And I don't mean flurries. I mean all out raging blizzard with high winds. I wasn't expecting that! I knew they were calling for occasional lake effect, but they weren't calling for much! I decided to get back on the road and get going, since I thought it would be a little slow-going. was. I couldn't see a thing. It turned out that between the heavy snow falling and the wind, I was in white out conditions. Lovely. Luckily, I was close to exit 45, and some guy was nice enough to let me get in front of him (since everyone and their brother chose to get off there). I stopped on the side of the road and called David. He confirmed that it was a fairly small patch of heavy snow coming through and that there might be a couple smaller bands, but that was the worst. Sure enough, while talking to him, the snow lightened a lot and I decided to get back on the road and get to exit 46.

The roads were a bit slick and I was fighting the wind, but I made good time and by the time I GOT to exit 46, I was under blue skies (gotta love the weather around here!). I was 45 minutes early, so I spent some time listening to an awesome radio station (called "Fickle 93.3" because they play rock music from any period) and took some pictures of the area around me.

Finally, the driver before me showed up with Bea, a sweet little beagle. They pulled her out and she was shaking SO BAD. I was told she was shy, but she seemed fairly calm despite the shaking. They tried to walk her a little bit, but she didn't seem to want to do anything, so we put her in my car. After the door was shut and the heat put on, Bea stopped shaking, sniffed around the whole back seat, and then settled down, curled into a ball, and fell asleep.

The drive back was fairly uneventful. The wind was horrible -- it kept hitting my car and nearly knocking me off the road (I found out later that the winds were gusting at about 40mph!). We made good time despite that and pulled into the Liverpool exit's parking lot around 1:15pm. Amy, the woman who was meeting me, was running a bit behind thanks to an accident on the thruway which kept her at a standstill for a little while.

I tried to get Bea out of the car to go for a walk, but as soon as I opened the door, she started to shake. Instead, I opted to crawl into the backseat with her. Again, as soon as the door was shut and the car warmed up a bit, she calmed right down. Eventually, she crawled over to me and into my lap, gave me kisses, and curled up into a little ball next to me and slept some more. I finally figured out that she wasn't shy -- she was COLD...and quite likely scared of the intense winds. So instead of walking her, we spent some time just hanging out in the backseat, much like I did with Buddy.

And much like Buddy, she really wormed her way into my heart. She was such a little sweetheart! Amy finally showed up and we tried to get poor Bea out of the car. She did NOT want to go and resisted with all her might. I finally managed to pick her up and we immediately got her into Amy's warm car where she no doubt settled down once inside.

I was really sad to see her go. But, on the good side, she's with her forever family right now and they're so thrilled to have her. She has a beagle playmate and a cat playmate who she already seems to adore. It's nice knowing that little sweetie has a real home!

Pictures of Bea can be found here.

A few of my favourites:




To get an idea of the weather, check out the following pictures.

These two were taken about a half hour apart. The weather was basically the same between the two times (though it was slightly more cloudy in the first picture).

With wind:

Without wind:

Footstep in the snow:

Look...there's a face in there!

A few more pics can be found here.