Monday, December 29, 2008

Transport #24: Whitney

Ah, my last transport of the year! Whitney was dog #44 for the year and she was a gorgeous little pup. She was a 2-year-old Brittany on her way from a foster home to her forever home. The original transport had been set up for last weekend, but with the horrible weather that cropped up, it got postponed. I hopped on board for one last drive of doggy love for 2008.

I met up with Whitney out in Rochester. She was taller than most Brittanies I had met and her face seemed somewhat longer. I'm pretty sure she was purebred, but she seemed to look just a tad bit different from many of the others I had transported. If left to my own devices, I might have thought she was a mix of Brittany and perhaps Border collie. But either way, the first thing one would really note about Whitney was how skinny she was. I'm not sure how long she was in foster care for. I'm guessing not long before the adoption went through, as this poor girl clearly needed to gaine some serious weight. Her ribs were prominent and you could clearly see her backbone. She made Nonami, of the last transport, look like the picture of perfect doggy health.

Despite her clear need of some good food, Whitney was a love. She was also strong. So incredibly strong that she would pull on the leash, causing her front legs to go up into the air and she would then keep walking on her hind legs. It was pretty amazing to watch, but she was clearly going to be a handful to control. I hope her adopting family has some good strong folks in it!

I got her into the car easily enough. I've never seen a dog quite so eager to just hop on in and explore. She sniffed around a bit, checked everything out, though unlike Morey (of an earlier transport), she didn't try to eat anything. We finally got on the road and she settled down for a bit.

The scariest moment came when, driving 70mph on the Thruway, she decided she wanted to look out the window. My window. And did so by standing on my legs. This is all well and good as I was able to see out the window, but then she decided to see if she could crawl further into my lap and see out the opposite window. Oh no no no, I don't think so, kiddo! I did what I've done many times before with dogs who are a bit over exuberant about getting into my lap. I tried to shove her off and back onto the other seat. I must have hit a tender spot (perhaps even a rib) because she actually snapped at me. As soon as she did that, however, she immediately retreated to the passenger seat and leaned over to smother my face in kisses. I got the sense that she knew she had done something bad and wanted to make it up to me in the only way she knew how. She clearly didn't hurt me, didn't even touch me with her mouth, so I wasn't terribly worried. I'm sure being as thin as she was made things like pushing against those bones a bit painful. Poor kid.

The rest of the trip was incredibly uneventful. We hit a good stride and booked it back to Syracuse rather quickly. Whitney settled down on the front seat and slept for much of the trip, only occasionally popping her head up to nose my hand for a pat. She was a sweet girl despite our one incident of freaking out.

The handoff went quickly and for once, I was done with a transport a good 20 minutes earlier than scheduled!

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