Monday, January 26, 2009

Transport #25: Boogie and Stacy

Boogie. What a name for a dog, right? These two Corgi girls (Pembrokes as I've come to find out) were on their way to a new forever home. They're 8-month old sisters and the family adopted the two of them together. This is probably best for poor Stacy. Boogie, the smaller of the two, was outgoing, happy to give you licks and desperate for belly rubs. Stacy, however? Poor little girl was just as nervous as could be.

I picked the girls up in a windswept truck parking lot. The temperature was frigid and the winds were blowing at a decent clip. I was frozen to the core almost as soon as I got out of the car. Boogie and Stacy, however, were just as happy to roam around outside in the cold. Corgis are hardy little dogs and these two were definitely up to breed standard there!

I was a bit worried about getting their crate into my car. Their foster mother, God bless her, couldn't let them go without having a crate for the two of them. A crate. For two 28 pound dogs. This was simply a HUGE of those airline jobbers. Luckily, someone had disassembled it somewhat and with the two sections tucked into each other, I was able to slide it into my backseat. It became more of a bed than a crate, but it still worked well. After taking some pictures of the transporters with the dogs, we got Boogie up into the crate, where she settled down nicely. Boogie, however, made a beeline for the floor behind the driver's seat. That was fine. She fit down there nicely and it was a little cozy space to tuck herself into in her nervousness. I let her stay there for the entire trip.

The trip was rather uneventful. Boogie settled down nicely in her bed. Stacy settled down nicely on the floor and I didn't hear much out of either of them. Until I decided that stopping to get a milk shake was a good idea. I was incredibly thirsty and running far ahead of schedule, so it seemed like a good plan. While waiting in line, I gave Boogie some attention, let her lick my hands and patted her head. For the rest of the trip, she was wide awake. Sometimes trying to lean over her crate to give me kisses. Sometimes just shifting around a lot.

And then the barking started. And the howling. She spent the last 20-30 minutes of the trip barking and howling on and off. It was cute for a time, but nothing seemed to settle her down, not even the couple Cheerios I tossed back into the crate with her (besides food and the like, they were sent with a box of Cheerios). We finally arrived at exit 35 and after getting them out to walk around a bit, settled back into the car to wait.

And wait...

And wait some more...

The person who was meeting me finally called me to find out when I would arrive. Confused, I told him I was there and we must not be in the same spot. It turned out we weren't.

I was at the exit 35 Holiday Inn.

He was at the exit 37 Holiday Inn.

We had had some e-mail miscommunication apparently. He said exit 35, but meant exit 37. Oops! He high-tailed it out of exit 37 and met me at exit 35. The girls were quickly transferred into his car and they were on their way.

We got the news last night that they were with their new family, who were just utterly thrilled with them.

As always, a few of the pictures I took are below.





The girls with their new family
New Family! At Last!!!

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