Sunday, August 1, 2010

Transport #37: Indy (aka Indigo, aka Drama)

Another Aussie, another transport I couldn't resist. You guys know the story by now! This one was for an Aussie they were originally calling Indigo, though the rescue renamed him Drama. The first name didn't seem to fit. He's not indigo. The second name didn't seem fit either. There was nothing "drama" about this dog (except perhaps his dramatic colouring). So some of us ended up calling him Indy instead.

At any rate, I saw some pictures of yesterday's portion of the transport so I knew this dog was going to be absolutely beautiful. There was some concern that he was a bit too thin, but he's not. It's good old standard teenage gawkiness. He'll fill out, but he's only about a year old. He's going to be one big Aussie. I'd bet he'll weigh at least what Dahlia weighs (which is 50 pounds), but might very well weigh 55-60 when he's done growing.

At any rate, I headed out his morning and got to Binghamton with about 10 minutes to spare. I saw the other person pull in and drove over to meet her. Upon meeting Indy, the first thing he did was put a paw on my leg and reach up to cover my face in kisses. This was one kissy dog! Everyone got their face washed on transport. He was even more beautiful in person and I immediately set to taking pictures, while still trying to pet him and love on him.

The person I was meeting said he had a reputation as a chewer and so I decided to grab one of the toys I had in my car to give him something to do. As soon as he saw it, his eyes just lit up and he jumped up a bit to get it. I tossed it on the ground and he pounced on it and started to squeak it. Over. And over. And over again. If anyone knows Dahlia, this is exactly what she does. Then he laid down to squeak it and suddenly flung it away from himself and rushed to grab it (unfortunately barreling into my open car door, which didn't faze him at all). I got the impression that perhaps he was used to playing on his own a bit.

After a little bit of playing, I tossed the toy into the car and in Indy went, just as easy as that.

He settled down really well in the car and did a few Dahlia-like things, which I was pretty amused at. He slapped a paw on the arm rest between the seats and grinned up at me. And later during the trip, he rested his face on it and promptly fell asleep. I've renamed it a "snout rest" as it seems to be a good place for that!

Once we arrived in Nedrow, I had about 15 minutes or so to spend with him. I tossed him the toy again and he played with it for a little while. He was utterly adorable with it. This time he ended up rolling over onto his back and chewing it and tossing it around while upside down. Too. Freaking. Cute. I got a ton of pictures of him doing this.

I even pulled out a few treats and got him to sit nicely for a couple portrait pictures. Good dog! It's obvious he doesn't know any commands, but he caught on super quickly, as any good Aussie should!

And then the next people showed up to take him away from me. Oh no! I tried to steal him, but no luck. Drat! I did get some kisses out of my attempt though, so I guess that's good! Indy has now made it safely to Ontario where he'll stay at a foster home until someone adopts him (no doubt quickly!).








ruairi said...

This dog is AMAZING...where can i get a dog like this- please tell me :-D

Love your blog, my sister works at our local shelter...weve also adopted many dogs over the years :-)

Crysania said...

He's gorgeous, isn't he? He and other Aussies I transport go to ARPH in Ontario ( but they have a network throughout the whole USA as well. I'm sure there are Aussie rescues near where you live!