Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some dog rescue resources

I thought I would share a few resources on dog rescue for anyone interested in helping out with transporting or for anyone interested in rescuing a dog him/herself.

I find out what sort of transports are going on, where they're going through, and contact people to help out through two sites:

Acme Pet Transport
This link will take you directly to the "transport needed" section of the message board. Each transport will list the states it will be going through in the subject header. Within the body of the message, you will find the legs of the trip (each will include location, date, time, and how many miles it is). Generally legs fall between 50-75 miles. You contact the person listed with your information and this will hook you up with the transport! Warning: It's addictive once you start!

Canine Rescue (Yahoo group)
This is a mailing list that includes not just transports, but dogs that desperately need to be pulled out of shelters. It's a resource for rescue associations, transporters, and kill shelters looking to move animals out to rescues. It is a very active group and at times can be heartbreaking to read. I have it filtered so I can easily sort through what comes in.

If you are interested in rescuing a dog to make your own pet, I know of two great sites to help you out.
This is really the site for finding a new pet. Here you can find pets of all types located in all places in the USA. You can search by area and breed. You can make sure your potential new friends is good with cats or young children, if those are important to your situation. You can search for animals with special needs, if you want to adopt a truly needy animal. Also included on the site is information on what to do before you plan on adopting a pet and a place to list and look for lost animals.

Rescue Info Center
This is a part of the larger site. If you've always wanted a particular breed of dog, this place is for you! There are listings of rescue associations for every type and breed imaginable (cats, dogs, small animals, and farm animals included). If you're not sure if the breed you're interested in is really right for you, you can head over to the main site ( and read up on the breed and see pictures. The entire site is a great resource.

The other place to look is at your local shelter. There are so many unwanted animals in the USA. Please do not adopt a puppy from a pet store! Do not support puppy mills! There are many wonderful dogs and puppies languishing in your local shelters. Give them a home. You and he/she will be happier for it.

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