Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where are they now?

I'm set up to do another transport this weekend -- two Brittany spaniels. But I thought, in the mean time, I would update anyone who reads this on where the dogs I've helped so far are.

Transport 1
Molly, the old arthritic lab, met the woman who was hoping to adopt her the same night of the transport. The woman was thrilled with her and Molly went to her home that very night. A very happy ending for an old girl.

I think I have the final word on one of the beagle pups. It seems that one of them was adopted into a family with two kids and a 90lb doggie brother and was renamed Trixie. The other is unknown at this point, but as she is not up on the site as needing to be adopted, I'm guessing she went to a home. She's not on the "happy tails" list either which leaves me to assume she was quickly adopted, too quickly to be listed on

Transport 2
Buddy...despite the wonderfulness of all the other dogs, Buddy still remains my favourite and still remains the one dog I wish I could have brought home with me (so far!).

Buddy was slated to meet a family who was interested in him the day of the transport. He met them, a family with two teenage boys, and they were thrilled with him. He went home with them that day! That family really has no idea how lucky they are.

Transport 3
Like Buddy, Marvin was meeting up with a potential new family. Well, the family (a mother and a young boy) just adored him. They renamed him Patches (which fits!) and he went home with them to his new life.

Bernie was put up on the petfinder website and his post was taken down almost as quickly as it went home. The note on the "happy tails" section says he went home with a wonderful family. Another lucky family. Bernie was 85 pounds of lapdog (and no doubt even more than that by now!).

I'm unsure of what happened to Buttons at this point. Hopefully we'll hear about him sometime in the near future!

Transport 4
Bea was going to a new home, rather than a rescue. Her new mom wrote the day of the transport to say she was home, excited, and happy to be spending time with her big brother (another beagle). Bea was an absolute sweetheart and it sounds like she's got a wonderful new home to call her own!

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