Sunday, October 3, 2010

Transport #39: Truman (aka Dakota)

I cannot resist puppy breath. It's just impossible. And it's even more impossible when that puppy is only about 8 weeks old, fat, and fluffy. Truman is, they believe, a Golden retriever/Chow mix and he certainly seems to have the physical characteristics of both breeds. He does have the spotted tongue, though that's meaningless as a marker for being a Chow mix, but he has plenty of other physical characteristics of the Chow breed.

I headed out to pick up little Truman at 11:30am. It was an absolutely gorgeous day: mid-50s and sunny, just a great day for a drive! The transport was running ahead and so by the time I got there (also 20 minutes ahead), Truman had been walked and done all his business. I got some kisses, a few little puppy bites, and then he was in my car and we were off (after a few pictures). He settled down really well in the car, which I find is typical of puppies. He was almost instantly asleep with his head on the arm rest (so cute!). I had to make one stop on the way through to run into the bathroom. It was a cool day and so he was fine in the car with the windows down a little. When I got back to the car, he had managed to get down off the seat and was stuck behind the passenger's seat, the poor guy. He was just too short to get back up. So I helped him back up and we were on our way.

The rest of the trip was entirely uneventful. We arrived in Liverpool about 25 minutes ahead of time and I knew that the person meeting me was on another transport which was going to make him a little late. So that meant I got to walk Truman around and play with him for a bit.

"Play with him" actually meant having various pieces of clothing and body parts substitute as a tug toy. At varying times he latched onto my pant leg, sneaker, fleece jacket, elbow and fingers. All with puppy teeth. He also pounced on a woman's toes who came up to meet him. Whoops! Crazy little puppy but SO CUTE.

The next transporter showed up just about the time he was supposed to leave and since Truman had been walked, gone to the bathroom, and had some water, he was all set. We got him into his car and off he went, just about 5 minutes late.

Truman is one of the truly lucky ones. He's meeting up with his adoptive family tonight. So he's already going to a great home. Go Truman!

Edited to add: We have heard from his new family and he is settling in nicely. They've decided to name him Dakota.









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