Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on "Eddie"

It's fairly rare that I get any sort of update on the dogs I transport. Some I see have gotten adopted, but I don't hear much about their adoptive families. The three lab mix puppies I transported back in July got adopted pretty quickly, and we just got an update about Eddie, now named Ollie.

Here are a couple of photos of Ollie (aka "Eddie") the pup. He is now around 6 months old, I think, and is a handsome boy. He is very kind, good natured, likes to please humans and occasionally likes to please himself too (such as when he grabbed a plate full of food off the dinner table)! :-D He a...nd the cat are best friends, and the cat likes to sleep on top of Ollie. Ollie's other best friend is "Jack", my brother's dog. Ollie usually sleeps upstairs with my sister and the cat, but when we were all gathered for a family wedding this weekend, Ollie chose to sleep in the guest bedroom with other family members. He is the most mellow dog I have ever seen, and likes to just lie around like "an old hound dog" much of the time. He'll launch himself into play mode occasionally, but is mostly just happy to hang out with everyone.

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