Saturday, March 1, 2008

Transport #5: Morey and Grady

So I was off on the road again to help the dogs! This is really becoming a fairly regular thing. Today's transport was set up by a Brittany Spaniel rescue and consisted of two Brittanies: Morey, a 1-year-old orange/white and Grady, a 5-year-old liver/white. Both were really wonderful sweet dogs, but Morey was really quite the handful!

The trip out to Rochester was uneventful. I drove through small bits of snow here and there, but the roads were mostly clear all the way out to exit 46. I arrived with about 10 minutes to spare, got to relax just a little bit before the dogs arrived.

Than came the fun part! We got Grady out of the car first and tethered him into my car. We turned around to get Morey and when we turned BACK to the car, discovered that Grady's leash was long enough for him to get into the front seat. Uh oh. I hadn't counted on that! Well, we got Morey into the car and then I hopped in...Grady immediately went to the back seat and so it was time to go.

But...Grady crawled onto the passenger seat just as I started the car up. And Morey? Morey put both paws up on the seat and proceeded to lick my face and try to eat my hair! It was hilarious. I finally got him to settle down (a bit) and so I was able to head on out.

The beginning of the trip was fairly uneventful. Grady stayed on the front seat where he got a lot of attention and Morey set to ripping apart my blanket. But things soon got a little crazier. Grady decided to go sleep in the back seat. All well and good. But I quickly discovered that Morey could come up front too. And he did. And he didn't really leave for the rest of the trip. It was nice at first. He looked out the window, nudged me for a hand. I petted him, he licked me, he rolled over, and was just too cute. But then I think he discovered all the other things up front in the car! He chewed a hole in my scarf (I'll have someone sew it). He chewed on my gear shift (which now has some lovely teeth marks all over it). He tried to eat my little stuffed dog. He tried to eat the cords to my Zune, the case to my Zune, my diet coke bottle (with diet coke IN it), the change I had sitting out (quickly put in the ashtray), the plastic bag, my gloves. I managed to pull a towel up and a leash, and he wasn't interested in those! Oh of course not! I could just see what was going through his head.

Morey: Oooo glove!
Me: glove.
Morey: Ooooo cords!
Me: cords!
Morey: Oooo...PLASTIC BAG!!
Me: No!!! No bag! Here Morey...try this tasty towel.
Morey: What? Are you freaking kidding me? You're allowing me to chew it. That makes it not as interesting!

So yeah...towel did NOT really go over well. I had to was pretty funny. Not the easiest thing to deal with on the road, but just freaking hilarious!

He did finally settle down. At exit 39. About 5 miles from the stopping point! Silly doggie. The handoff happened quickly and easily. I wonder how the next girl fared. She tethered Morey down pretty tightly so hopefully he wasn't able to create as much havoc as he did in my car (her response was: "he can't chew on my car! it's a lease!" Oh dear.

A few of my favourite pictures of the crew. The rest can be found here.



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