Monday, April 14, 2008

In search of a dog

My partner and I do not have a dog. I know this is probably a surprise as my blog is all about the dogs I transport. I got involved in transporting because I was looking for a way to get involved with dogs, to help dogs, and partially to hopefully quell this driving need to have a dog of my own.

The two first ones have gone off brilliantly. The last one? Not so much. In fact, it has made it worse. I went from wanting a dog and accepting that it would happen sometime down the road to needing a dog now. And I mean like yesterday. To that end, we are moving this summer...from our cozy little too small apartment in Liverpool, NY. To somewhere else that will allow me to have that dream.

But then comes the search for the perfect dog. This has been a somewhat agonizing search as so many dogs need homes and so many of them look so right for us.

It all started with Tanner, the lovely deaf Aussie who we helped to transport around St. Patrick's Day. David fell totally in love with him, as did I. He's still available, living up in Ontario with his foster family. The problem with Tanner? He's an Australian shepherd and we're going to be living in an apartment in the city. While there is plenty of room to walk in the area, it doesn't seem quite adequate for most Aussies. We know Tanner is somewhat different, as most people describe him as calm and say he doesn't quite have the Aussie personality. But still. Surely he would have too much energy for us. I think I may still look into him when we are able to finally adopt a dog, but I think it's going to be darned unlikely that he would be allowed to come home with us.

Then I got involved in transporting Brittanies. Lovely dogs all. Energetic, but not the working dogs that Aussies are. We settled on the possibility of getting a Brittany and in searching, I found what looked to be the perfect dog. She's a little French Brittany (23 lbs), named Sammie sweet. David thought she looked special too. There's something about the look in her face and the little tuft of hair on her tail. They described her as "a bundle of energy, kisses, and love all wrapped up in one." We both agreed she's a definite possibility. She's fostered in Delaware, but we could easily pick her up or get her transported up to here.

When I arrived home Friday evening, I had a message waiting for me from a friend of a friend, about her mother's dog, Sam. She needed to rehome him as her mother's husband died and she was moving into an apartment that doesn't allow dogs (always a shame -- I wish we were like Ontario where, I understand, there is a law prohibiting people from having a no pets clause in their lease). Her mother's dog is a 6-year-old male American Eskimo dogs. David loves spitz-type dogs and I think they're beautiful. They tend to be no larger than 35 lbs, with many quite a bit smaller (they have toy and minature versions as well). We know nothing about this dog, but we're open to the possibility of adopting him. I haven't heard back, so it's all up in the air anyway. (The picture to the left, btw, is not this particular's just a picture of some American Eskimo dog...I have not even seen a picture of this dog!).

And then last night I was searching, yet again, and I found this lovely dog, named "Shaggy." He's a puli mix. David's dog, Heidi, was a puli mix and I've heard him talk about how much he loved her and how much he loved pulis. I showed him this dog and he immediately was smitten. He's in Ohio and we know nothing about him...not his age, weight, temperament, anything. I told David I would check into him whenever we find out if we can get this apartment for sure. Maybe we could get him fostered for a month if we think he'd be a good match for us.

All of this is so up in the air that I'm just so unsure of what to do! I guess we'll know when the time is right. But I do think they're all great looking dogs and only time will tell.