Sunday, April 6, 2008

Transport #11: Indie and Sweeney

I had been looking for a transport that would get David and I out in the general vicinity of Rome so we could bring my parent's dog, Teri home with us. It seemed like a logical idea since we had to go that way anyway. It turned out there was a transport for two lovely 2-3 year old Brittany spaniels heading out that afternoon.

We arrived at 2:45pm to discover the driver before us had arrived about 10 minutes early. That gave us a chance to meet the dogs a bit. David took Sweeney out for a little bit of a run, since he seemed to have a little excess energy to burn of. I held onto Indie, who just seemed to want to hang out near you. After the previous driver took off, we first got Sweeney into the car. Immediately, he went for my Erik doll. Poor Erik! He's now been mauled by two transport dogs. I was able to get him away from Sweeney easy enough, no fight, no attempts at playing tug of war with him (god forbid!). Erik, who has guarded my car for over 8 years, was relegated to a place in the glove compartment...poor guy!

I hopped in the back with Sweeney (who then proceeded to sit across my lap) and David got in the front with Indie and we were off.

The trip out to Herkimer was one of the easiest trips I've ever had with these dogs. Sweeney immediately curled up with his head almost in my lap and rolled sightly over so I could give him a belly rub. He fell asleep fairly quickly and spent nearly the entire trip like that. Indie curled up on the front passenger seat and with David petting her, curled into a tight little ball and also fell asleep. There wasn't a peep out of either of them and they didn't really wake up until we got off at the Herkimer exit.

It always amazes me that dogs that are so active when you first meet them, raring to go for a run, climbing all over you, eating your stuffed toys, can so quickly settled down and fall asleep. It must be something about the rocking of the car.

We arrived at the Herkimer exit about 10-15 minutes before the next driver did, which gave us anothe chance to get the dogs out for a little walk. Sweeney found some sort of trail he had sniffed out and was following it, nose to the ground. David just let him run. I spent my time with Indie, who just wanted to wander around aimlessly a bit and really just wanted someone to pet her and sit with her. She was an incredibly quiet, calm dog who clearly just loves people.

The next driver finally arrived (to much sadness on our parts!) and after letting them get acquainted, we loaded them up in his car. Sweeney jumped up easily enough and set off to exploring. Indie (who had recently had her spay stitches removed) had to be helped into the car. I had to laugh at Indie though. She turned around and sat with her legs hanging over the edge of his vehicle and refused to budge. We had to sort of force the poor girl back into the vehicle (by having me go around to the other side and get her attention) in order to shut the door so he could be on his way.

David and I agreed that either one of the dogs would have been wonderful companions for us. Brittanies are such gentle, sweet, energetic dogs. Because there were two of us on this trip, I got a TON of photos. A few of my favourites are below. The rest can be found here.


(Sweeney with my poor Erik doll!)







Both dogs




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