Saturday, March 29, 2008

Transport #10: Moe, Marcie, and Lilly

Today I helped transport three sad little pugs named Moe, Marcie, and Lilly. They were all surrendered from a puppy mill in Pennylvania and were being taken to a pug rescue in Vermont. For those who know little or nothing about puppy mills, they are horrible mass breeding places. The dogs are not cared for. The females are forced to have litter after litter until they can no more, and then they are either dumped off at a shelter, dumped on the side of the road...or even worse. The puppies are generally ill and many die from horrible diseases very young while others have medical problems that last throughout their often shortened lives. These three were some of the lucky ones. They were surrendered to a shelter.

I drove down to Binghamton...a luckily uneventful drive. I got going a bit too early and decided o stop off a few places to take pictures with my new camera (a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18). When I finally got into Binghamton, I was still running ahead of schedule and discovered that there was a Botanical Garden right near the meeting spot, so off I went to take more pictures.

The transport was running about 15 minutes late, so around 11:30am, the driver before me arrived. We got the dogs out, walked them for a short bit. I tried to get some pictures, but alas, these kids were not easy to take pictures of, and the driver was talking to me so it was hard to snap off any good shots. We were worried their crates wouldn't fit into my car, but it turned out they were just fine. After loading them up, I was on my way back to Syracuse.

I tried to make up a little time on the way back by driving a little fast, but alas that did not work out so well. There were cops galore out (end of the month and all that). I made it back to Syracuse about 5 minutes earlier and we got the dogs out and into the next person's car quickly. We didn't even take them out of the crates so, unfortunately, I still didn't have much of a chance to take pictures.

The dogs are now off at their rescue association where they'll be socialized and adopted to wonderful new homes!

Here are a few of the pictures I got.




Alas, I got no pictures of Marcie.

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