Monday, March 10, 2008

Transport #6: Lucky

Yesterday was probably the transport that went the least well and had me the most frustrated. The morning started off with a lot of snow and wind...blizzard conditions. I wasn't even sure that we could make it with that weather. But luckily, it started to peter out just before I needed to leave. Well, the snow did at least. The wind was crazy all day.

I decided to head out around 8:10am, knowing I needed to pick up Lucky at 8:45am on the other side of town. I unlocked the car, grabbed my snow brush, and then went to shut my door. It wouldn't shut. This has happened any number of times to me. Something with the locking mechanism and ice. Usually once the car heats up a little, it shuts just fine. I brushed the car off and it still wouldn't shut. I sat in the car for another 10 minutes and the door still would not shut! I started to panic. The door handle was floppy feeling, as was the mechanism that keeps the door shut. Nothing. Dead. In a real panic, I called the person I was supposed to pick Lucky up from and told her my dilemma. After some confusion (it turned out that she had been misinformed and thought I was driving in from a town over 60 miles away instead of from the other side of town), the door finally shut and I decided to get in from the passenger's side and head out.

To top everything off? I opened the passenger side door and WHAM, the piece of paper that I had put all the information I needed for the transport on flew off. The wind just took it. There was no catching it. The winds were gusting at over 30mph. I was not going to be able to catch up to that little piece of paper. Luckily, I remembered the directions to the house and got there only about 3 or 4 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time (how was that for luck?).

I arrived, threw some more windshield wiper fluid in the car, and got Lucky into the car. And then the real challenge began! Lucky was nervous. Very nervous. He was panting and shaking and as soon as I sat down, he crawled into my lap. Mind you, I needed to drive. I actually drove all the way from her house to 690 to 481 and to the Thruway entrance with a 15-lb dog on my lap! Yikes. I was not really comfortable with that as it made maneuvering the car difficult. I kept trying to get him over to the passenger seat but it was a no-go (and at one point he tried to turn around on my lap and caused my horn to blare multiple times!). I had to stop at the park and ride and tether him up in a different way that wouldn't allow him onto my lap.

He did finally settle down to some degree, but he was extremely restless for the entire trip.

The trip across the thruway, at least, was fairly uneventful. The roads were ok, just a bit wet, and there wasn't much traffic. We arrived in good time and I took Lucky out for a short walk. The wind was bitter, so we got back into the car until the next folks arrived.

To top everything off, I brought my camera, but forgot I took the memory card out. Since my camera doesn't even have any internal memory, I was screwed out of taking any pictures of the little boy. Oh well. One person on the transport did at least get a picture of her, her husband, and Lucky.

So here you go, the one and only picture I have of poor little Lucky.

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