Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where are they now?

It's time for another transport update. This time I was lucky enough to have a lot of updates from foster parents and new adopters, so when possible I'll include their words.

Transport 5
Morey's new family met him and fell in love with him, which was not a surprise. From his new family: Just want to let you know that Morey is now in his new home and all is just great, he met our female Brit Sophie and all seems to be falling in to place...I can't thank you enough, we are just thrilled...Thanks to you and everyone that helped bring Morey all the way to the east coast today, job well done...

Grady is happily ensconced in his foster home and perhaps might even find his forever home with the foster family. From his foster family: Just wanted to let you all know that Grady is here and doing well. After less than 1/2 hour, hubby was already thinking we should keep him.

Transport 6
Lucky is at his new home. From his new family:
Lucky is home and doing wonderful. He has met the 4 cats, the 125 pound Rottweiler and the 90 pound K-9. He also met my Bitchy dog last night, the neighbors dog and has done SO very well with my Daughter ( whom I got Lucky for) . What a GREAT little dog he is. He is settling in nicely. Still working on house rules but, we expect that don't we.

Transport 7
Both Jack and Tanner made it safely to their new foster homes. Hopefully they'll find a forever home soon (and if Tanner doesn't by the time we move into a new apartment...perhaps this summer...I know David will want to look into adopting him!).

Transport 8
I handed Roxie off to her foster family last Sunday. They seemed like wonderful, caring people, so I know she'll have a wonderful time there and will hopefully find her forever home soon.

Wendy and Pepper have landed very well with a woman who obviously already adores them. From their new mom: Your amazing Brittany Railroad brought me two beautiful and charming dogs! Wendy sleeps on my bed, and Pepper follows me everywhere. Wendy did not want to eat at first, but finally ate in MY chair at my table. Both love walks, and are very strong, pulling me along where--usually--THEY want to go. Wendy seems to be the strongest. Many thanks to your incredible team (of 15?) for all their efforts. (I see you were a team member as well as organizer!) I'll have pictures later when my daughter teaches me how to attach them.

Hopefully we'll see some pictures of these kids in their new homes!

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